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*The $608 in savings is calculated from people who have switched to Energy For Less from other companies.  The calculation is based on anecdotal evidence, things that clients have told us about the companies they used to deal with.  Some people have only saved $10 per month, while others have saved over $100 a month.  This savings is often achieved by switching from a fixed rate plan to a much lower Energy For Less variable rate plan, and switching high speed internet plan to our cheaper plans.  Clients often don't realize just how much extra they are paying with their fixed rate plans and once they see the difference, then they flock to our floating rate plan.  Not everyone will save, although most do.  The guarantee still applies though.  For anyone who switches to Energy For Less for electricity, natural gas, AND internet service, we guarantee you will save a minimum of $50 a month.  If you don't, under the following conditions, we will write you a cheque for $150.  After trying Energy For Less for 3 months, if you don't like the amount of savings you are receiving, then send in your previous bill from your previous company for electricity, natural gas, and internet, along with your 3 bills from Energy For Less, and the next bill from the past company that you were with, which you switched back to.  Then, once we receive those 5 bills, we will forward you a cheque for $150 provided that they show that you did not save at least $50 per month.  Our retention rate is extremely high.  Once people start using Energy For Less, they rarely switch to other companies.   The pricing shown in this website is the 12 month average of the Variable Energy charge that will be shown on your bill.  Note that the other items on your invoice, such as distributor fees, transmission fees, balancing pool fees, Rider fees, and others, are regulated through provincial legislation and won't be changed no matter which retailer you use.

Energy For Less is an authorized Agent of Sponsor Energy Inc. Sponsor Energy is a licensed retailer of electricity (retail license #343969) and natural gas (retail license #343970) in the Province of Alberta and is happy to be able to facilitate your relationship with Energy For Less. We will be providing customer care and invoicing/banking services to you on behalf of Energy For Less. 

Head Office:  205, 1040 7 Ave  Southwest, Calgary, AB  T2P3G9

Edmonton and Calgary are both reportedly one of the top 8 most expensive cities in North America for electricity and gas.  

If you buy your utilities from one of the largest 4 companies in Alberta, then you are likely paying way too much.

With deregulation in Alberta, you now have choice. Even after deregulation, those four companies hardly lowered their rates, and in some cases their rates went higher.

If you are in a contract with one of these companies, we can show you how the contract details actually allow you to switch to Energy For Less without a penalty.

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Give us 90 days to service your home with electricity and gas, we guarantee that we will save you at least $608 per year*. (That is $150 in 90 days).
We will switch you over for free… no sign up fee, no security deposit, no hassle.

Here is what some of our clients have said.

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Join THOUSANDS Of Other Customers Who Have Made The Switch To Cheaper Utilities. Save At Least $608* Per Year



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Energy For Less will provide you rates that are equal to what we pay on the open market, plus our minimal markup.  This is how you can pay less with us that any other company in Alberta.  We pass along our buying power onto you.  

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Who Are We?

Energy For Less was incorporated in 2003.  We focus on selling electricity and natural gas in Alberta. We have never had one single complaint with the Better Business Bureau.

Best Energy Rates?

To make this easy for you, we provide you with a guarantee. If we don’t save you at least $150 in the first 3 months of you switching (that equals $608 per year), and you decide to switch back instead, then we will pay you $150*. You can’t lose. 

Our clients hardly ever leave us. Our retention rate is extremently high. Once they find out how cheap we are, and how easy it is to switch, they never leave to another company.

Which areas do we serve?

All of Alberta.

I was a little skeptical at first, but then I thought I might as well give it a try. They have been great. They have reduced my bills by about $65 per month.

Wayne M – Edmonton

Switching over was so easy. It took about 3 minutes and they took care of all the details.

Bryan T – Calgary

I thought that I had a cheap price with Enmax and Direct Energy. This is much cheaper though.

Ryley S. – Stony Plain

Our clients can leave us whenever they want without a penalty. All we need it 10 days notice.

No Contracts?

Will my current retailer be notified when I switch to Energy For Less?

When switching to Energy For Less, there is no need to contact your existing supplier to cancel your service.  Energy for Less will handle all the steps necessary to become your provider with no interruption of service.